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Poindexter the frog is a bit unique. He has a spot on his face, spots on his knees and different-colored feet. He knows that it’s OK to be different, but has a hard time at school with kids who feel the need to be cruel. When the first day of school arrives, Poindexter is prepared to have a great day. He has the right attitude, a wonderful morning with a new teacher, and is able to sit at a table with new friends. It all changes when Bonky the bully comes by, steals Poindexter’s chips, and makes fun of him. Poindexter is doubly hurt because his new friends don’t stick up for him, but he finds out that Bonky has been mean to them too. Bonky’s buddies then are just as mean to Bonky and laugh when he is hurt from a trick they play on him. The trio knows it’s time to put a stop to the bullying before anyone else is hurt, so they talk to the teacher who comes in and takes care of the situation. Bonky realizes what good friends the others are, and thanks them. When he arrives home, Poindexter is able to tell his mom that he had a good day in spite of a bad situation, and can look forward to tomorrow.

This adorable story with animal characters and zany names teaches about making good choices and being kind to others. It also includes a cute CD of audio music to reinforce the anti-bullying message. In the illustrations there are musical notes telling readers when to play certain songs, which are sing-a-longs too! This is an appropriate book for preschool through elementary. It has a positive message woven into a fun story any child can relate to.

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