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Formats: Hardcover
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An odd board book with sketch pictures. This is about seeing the world a little differently. 12 of the 14 pictures are cut in half horizontally so you can turn pages and make the pictures into crazy combinations. The book is done in mostly primary colors, and a Caucasian hand, so it lacks diversity and the picture artwork is not real life. In fact, you can see the original tracings on several of the pictures that weren’t corrected where the hand paint actually overlaps the outline sharpie marker. The letter H, a pair or people, diamond, mountain, a few shapes, elephants, camels, trucks and a few other miscellaneous characters are thrown in. This is a pricey book for the concept of silliness. The book is marked for ages 3 and up, however this would quickly rotate out of the hands of most preschoolers. This book would be good for toddlers to see things a little silly or to match the ones that belong. The Game of Tops and Tails by Herve Tullet is an amusing book with no direction allowing creativity and to help pass the time for a young one wanting to look at pictures and keep busy turning pages. There are no words, so this book will accomplish meeting the needs of young toddlers who aren’t yet reading and can be used independently too.

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