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A baby is found abandoned at a Texas hospital, and from the first moment Katherine holds this baby girl, her whole world feels like it fills with sunshine. So begins the life of Sunshine Griffith. Fast forward to her 16th birthday where a strange moment occurs just prior to blowing out her candles. That moment awoke a power within her to see spirits and fight back the dark spirits who failed to cross over when it was their time and wreak havoc on the world. “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl” is set in miserable Washington State when Kat and Sunshine move for a new job and rent a quaint home with a bedroom the shade of Pepto-Bismol. Sunshine senses something is odd, but no one believes her until she meets Nolan, a boy who has always believed in ghosts. Sunshine has to learn to adapt to the young ghost girl who insists on moving her toys, making Sunshine play board games and all the while her mother has become possessed by a demon. When Sunshine and Nolan discover the battle for Katherine’s spirit is in danger, they get help from the out of place teacher from school who lost her own daughter and husband from the same demon. Throughout the process, the mentor who Sunshine needs help from stands back watching and never stepping in, or so she believes.

This in depth story is the first of a series, which is based on a YouTube series. The chemistry between Sunshine and Nolan is entertaining and curious, and the story concept is unique and enrapturing. Truly a series worth beginning, and maybe checking out the YouTube version if the next book doesn’t come fast enough!

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