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Even if you don’t like babies, Underwater Babies is certain to charm you. Seth Casteel presents color photographs of seventy-four babies underwater (some having more than one shot), aged four to seventeen months. Most are a full page, some are spread over a page-and-a-half. On a quick look, you swear these are trick photographs. How else could you expect to see these tiny babies happily swimming underwater? But Casteel assures us in his brief introduction that all photos are real. In the photos these babies are totally unconcerned; in fact, many of them have a joyous expression on their faces – they obviously love the underwater experience. The photos were taken with the help of eighteen infant swimming pools, in nine states, while parents and staff were watching. The babies, without exception, are absolutely delightful and they are having the time of their lives. Each photograph identifies the baby by first name and age. The book ends with thumbnail black-and-white photos of the babies while not in the water. This volume is going to be the centerpiece of a coffee table collection.

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