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Survivalist and sustainable living books are incredibly popular in our culture right now, which perhaps is tied to the ongoing fascination with dystopian and Armageddon themed films, and other media. People are stocking up on books that will help improve their knowledge on how to handle a possible emergency where they have to rough it, survive the elements, and learn to survive without technology. However, 100 Skills You’ll Need for the End of the World (As We Know It) is not one of those books.

While there are a few specific and somewhat helpful how-to guides – such as how to pitch a simple tent and knots everyone should know – the majority of the book is just a list of skills that people should have but no real guidance on how they should go about obtaining it. The book suggests that things like canning, fletching arrows, weaving, and mending are important skills to have, but you’ll have to look elsewhere to actually get directions. This collection may work as a gift book for someone who has never thought about worst case scenarios, but from a survivalist standpoint 100 Skills You’ll Need to for the End of the World is a complete waste of time.

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