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There is no doubt that is it quite an accomplishment to visit every country in the world in 50 years. Several of the countries are little known, yet this gentleman managed to visit all of them. Albert Podell tells of his adventures with gusto, bravado, and humor in Around the World in 50 Years. Podell relates many crazy travels such as visiting North Korea, where he was unable to speak to even one local and crazy plane connections in Kiribati. He visits all portions of Africa and does not mince words about the violence and corruption.

Photos are sprinkled throughout the book and this reviewer would have loved to see even more. Podell does not share glamorous details, so if the reader is looking for a tourist guide, this is not it. At times Podell is somewhat sexist and shares stories of the luck he has had with the ladies. This reviewer would have loved more of a reality check throughout the book. Podell hints at the thousands of dollars he often needed to find to pay for unexpected visas and bribes, but does not share how he obtains this sudden wealth. This reviewer feels that if you read this book as part truth and part fantasy, it might be a little more palatable to the typical traveler. Undoubtedly, readers will be attracted to the wanderlust and might even be motivated to plan their own world adventure.

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