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There are times in life where a single moment determines the path we go down. Imagine the opportunity to return to that point, even 20 years ago, and change what your younger self does. This is the premise behind Cathleen Davitt Bell’s novel I Remember You.

In this romance about two young people in high school, opposites attract: the jock with plans to join the marines, and the über smart girl engrossed in the high school paper and debate team who plans to go to law school. Lucas can’t understand why every encounter feels like a memory, paired with flashbacks of his time in the Iraq war, yet it’s only 1994. Once he accomplishes getting Juliet to be his girlfriend, an ‘accident’ with his hockey helmet causes each Lucas to return to the correct time period, leaving Juliet feeling like she’s lost the Lucas of the future, who is the Lucas she truly fell in love with.

It is a beautiful story of not only first love, but rare, true love, which transcends time, wars, and heartbreak. Juliet is an inspiring character who fights for love, stays true to who she is inside, stands up for herself, and acts like the real teenager that we truly feel we never grow out of. I Remember You is a beautiful tribute to the passion behind those who serve our country as well. This is beautiful novel that will be enjoyed by Young Adult and General Giction readers alike.

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