Martin Marten by Brian Doyle

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, eBook Purchase: Powell’s | Amazon | IndieBound | Barnes & Noble | iBooks[/alert] Brian Doyle’s novel Martin Marten unfolds on the southwest shoulder of Mt. Hood in the Oregon Cascades. Doyle never mentions the name Hood: he calls it by what the ancient Multnomah tribe knew it as: Wy’east. The land and its occupants have nothing to do with a British lord named Hood. It is fitting that the story names one of its central characters as the First People called it. The novel is character driven and written headlong, sometimes breathless, sometimes with a stoic awareness of life as it is, but always with a poetic lilt that has become Brian Doyle’s signature. It is a collection of rites of passage tales for all manner of beings. There is Dave, a “regular guy” who is fourteen and about to enter high school in the small rural community of Zigzag, Dave’s mother and father eking out the family’s existence however they can, and his sister Maria, an inquisitive and precocious girl of six. The rich set of characters also includes Miss Moss, who owns the Zigzag store, Dickie Duncan, a trapper with … Continue reading Martin Marten by Brian Doyle