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No matter how cliché it sounds, not only do opposites attract, but a good story about it is addictive. Risking it All by Tessa Baily is a novel from the Crossing The Line series, and this book alone is so hot you’ll love the feel of it burning in your hands.

After the death of Sera’s brother, she sneaks undercover to find a ledger in order to hold her brother’s killer accountable. Her uncle, the police commissioner, strikes a deal with a crime boss, Bowen, to allow her to obtain the information and ensure her safety. Bowen agrees after seeing her picture and feeling a tug of responsibility. From the moment they meet the electricity flies off the pages, and attraction is obvious. The pair can barely keep their hands off each other, in this steamy book where right and wrong are blurred by passion and love.

The protectiveness of Bowen changes him and also creates something within Sera that makes her stronger than she thought she was capable of being. Through misunderstandings, the two fight to break down walls and defy the odds of their upbringings. An intense, emotional book, Risking it All will make you crave every page.

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