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Alchemy is a fascinating subject and has been featured in outstanding novels geared toward young adults, such as Michael Scott’s The Alchemist series and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The Accidental Alchemist by Gigi Pandian begins a new series, one finally aimed for an adult audience. This series takes place in Portland, Oregon, with Zoe, an alchemist who studied under the famous Nicholas Flamel, and has achieved the Elixir of Life. It’s a lonely life, to live forever.

Zoe purchases a run-down house with intentions to restore it and create a home outside of the trailer she has been living in for many years. The dead man who is supposed to fix her house, though, immerses Zoe in a real-life mystery. Her sidekick is a humorous gargoyle who needs Zoe’s help to restore his body, which is rapidly turning to stone. Throughout the book, the gargoyle captures the heart through his French culinary creations combined with Zoe’s vegan lifestyle, and the neighbor kid who needs their influence more than any of them realize.

The book is mysterious, captivating, and infused with the rich history of the Northwest, along with scrumptious teases about tasty dishes, savory teas, and mouthwatering desserts! The Accidental Alchemist is fantastic and set so far apart from typical paranormal books that it creates an artful combination of several genres and reading categories.

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