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Montefiore’s book, The Beekeeper’s Daughter, centers on past love and young love. Trixie meets the boy of her dreams, an up and coming musician that her parents do not approve of in 1973 Massachusetts. Jasper has big plans to go on tour and Trixie plans on going with him. Their love is fast and furious and Trixie quickly plans their life together. Suddenly Jasper’s plans change as family tragedy and duty call him home. At the same time, opposing chapters reveal England in 1933 when Grace (Trixie’s mother) is growing up and experiencing her own young love. Grace loses her father but discovers love that has been in front of her all along. The parallels in Grace and Trixie’s experiences are similar, but neither knows each other’s story.

Montefiore writes in a straightforward style. She creates a story that is heartwarming and believable. Topics like first love, loss and the war are relatable to any reader and it is easy to be spellbound with this emotional read. This is the perfect book to remind the reader of how love in the moment is all consuming, yet provides a wonderful memory and lessons later in life. Read it and then ponder how love found and lost makes one’s life richer and fuller, even though sadness is the sacrifice.

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