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The dramatic Starling novels continue with Transcendent by Lesley Livingston. The epic battle that creates a Valkyrie out of Mason Starling also destroys the love of her life, Fennrys, and she has to decide if saving him will be a fate worse than death. Stunned and having still so much to do, Mason and her friends have to do all they can to prevent the horrors of the prophecy her father so badly wants fulfilled, while attempting to save Manhattan and the people within it. The book is amazingly poignant, with the theme that love can conquer, and yet so often it is a battle. Mason is able to create within her mind a reality that happens within the real world, and by remembering this ability and pairing it with love she can overcome the strength and abilities of others no matter what is at stake.

Transcendent creatively takes legendary Norse gods, Celtic gods, werewolves, and a few others from Greek mythology and blends them all in an impressive combination in this final installment of a trilogy that is action packed, fast paced, and exciting on every page. The love drama blends nicely without ever making the heroine act like a love sick, incompetent girl. Mason is extraordinary and her transformation instills a vision that magnifies the ingenuity of Livingston.

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