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“Overall I am a confident, content, happy American woman. This is all miraculous considering most women who have been though the same obstacles I have ended up crack whores.”

And with that opening, readers are introduced to Nicole Jackson Jones and Twisted Broad: Tales from an Internet Dive Bar. The tales are certainly delightful, as well as earnest, often keenly on-point, seldom PC, and, above all, honest. Jones’ humor comes across well and at times almost off the page. This is certainly a girlfriend I’d want to have a drink with and hash out all my relationship woes. (To which she’d probably tell me to get off my a** and go talk to my partner.) She offers the down to earth, far too realistic advice that’s too easy to overlook in a Cosmo-kind of world. And her standup style suits the page quite well as readers travel through these blog excerpts and vignette-style anecdotes.

One drawback to the author recycling so much of her source material – for all that it is extremely relevant and entertaining – the comments from the original posts also included in the text. They both add to the text overall and give a sense of ongoing conversation while also distracting from the overall impact of the post itself. And yet without the comments the main topic exists in a vacuum that wouldn’t stand up as well without also providing the audience feedback. On a whole, this reviewer feels it’s a less is more kind of issue, where some of the comments included felt redundant.

On the whole, Twisted Broad is a highly entertaining read, a refreshing, common sense take on romance and sex. The main messages – to stop worrying about your penis size, communicate with your partner, dating is hell, and if you want to find the person of your wildest dreams then first be happy with who and where you are – are powerful and communicated in a low-key, having a drink with your BFF way that offers readers much to appreciate.

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