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When I first selected A Curious Tale of an Oversized Bunny Suit by Mark Thomas Bunner, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as the story went on, I was really able to see what Bunner was writing about and the themes behind the suit. As the tale opens up, we meet, Dogo Dragon and Falabella – a girl whose blindness doesn’t slow her down one bit, and Mabel – Falabella’s trusty miniature horse. Even though this story includes a human and an animal, an unlikely pair, the story shows that they are the best pair.

Dogo isn’t your run of the mill dragon – but then when is someone or something run of the mill? This dragon likes his veggies, yes, he’s a vegetarian which can show the reader that being you is good, and that being true to you is the best you. The main theme that rises through the book is that sometimes the best friendships can be created in the most unlikely circumstances. The book also emphasized that your best weapon in life is having a strong support system behind you. The friendship between these two characters demonstrated how an unlikely pair dealt with forgiveness when life doesn’t turn out the way that you thought it would and that it is important to honor yourself and those around you.

The writing was well done, with well-rounded characters that are relatable to those readers from the 6th grade and on. The reason that this grade level is mentioned is that the elementary to middle school transition is often a difficult time in ones life and kids do not know where to turn to, or if they do share these feelings, they might not feel supported and comfortable. The book teaches to keep your heart open, and that sometimes the best advice is from a bunny suit.

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