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Shani Beck is filled with hope and maybe a bit of comfort too, as she moves her husband and son into her grandfather’s home in Lancaster County. She hopes her own pleasant memories of time spent here will help bond her husband and her son together again. Her husband Joel is an Iraqi War Veteran suffering from physical and mental injuries that need to heal. Her son Zane is a young man just trying to fit in with his new home, his Dad, and new life. Shani is pregnant again after twelve years and is desperately trying to hold and keep her family together, and is optimistic that her family will find happiness here. Eve Lehman is a young Amish woman running her brother’s household because his young wife passed six months ago. Eve has hopes and dreams of her own but had buried them away because of a promise made to her sister in law and friend. She wholeheartedly takes on the task of raising 3 nieces and 2 nephews with her brother. As “Aenti” takes on her new role, her own desires to become a mother fall by the side. Things become complicated when the new neighbors arrive and friendships are forged through play and by trust. Chances for a promise to be broken come about with the innocence of meeting and making new friends.

The author, Leslie Gould, has introduced many colorful characters into this story. She is weaving the English and Amish lives together with a few rough edges along the way. It will be interesting to see how the characters develop and interact with each other in the future stories because this book is noted as book one in a series. This is a great quick read for anyone who loves Amish stories.

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