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It’s well known that obesity and diabetes are among the top major health problems not only in the United States but worldwide. There is also a commonly accepted theory that insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas and insulin resistance is the reason for developing type 2 diabetes. However, years of research and practice as an allergist and pediatrician have led John M. Poothullil to other conclusions. Eat, Chew, Live is a well-illustrated book wherein the author offers a new theory about the cause of type 2 diabetes and ways of dealing with being overweight and having high blood sugar. If you still don’t know, you’ll learn that even though insulin plays an important role in our body’s functioning, the way that muscle cells intake glucose doesn’t entirely depend on insulin’s presence. Our body has an alternate way of absorbing glucose and building cellular energy. There, the author argues, in this different way, lies the real reason for high blood sugar and diabetes. Proposed by Poothullil, this idea sounds convenient and allows us to resolve the present insulin-resistance concept’s inconsistency. However reasonable, this new theory has yet to be studied.

“If you have the desire to take charge of your weight maintenance and avoid high blood sugar and diabetes, it takes new thought patterns that you can learn to create.”

Besides the new theory on diabetes, the author provides some other innovative ideas about gaining and losing weight. These ideas involve a new approach to hunger, satiation, and the body’s nutritional needs. Although this isn’t yet another diet book, you may find Poothullil’s suggestions appealing. Instead of going through an endless cycle of gaining and losing weight by dieting, the author offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your “authentic weight” by learning a “mindful” way of eating. This way would not demand starvation of you. On the contrary, the author calls you to enjoy every bite of your food and take pleasure in your eating. Still, it’ll not only help you keep your healthy weight but also help you normalize blood-sugar level. It may even allow you to stop taking medications. Aren’t you curious? Ninety percent of American adults with prediabetic conditions aren’t aware of it. Following Poothullil’s recommendations may allow you to avoid being a part of this statistic. All you have to do is take charge of your own eating behavior. You can do it!

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