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Gunilla Norris’s writing is very beautiful in her brief but meaningful book Embracing the Seasons. This is a combination of short lyrical text and poetry. Norris divided the book into four chapters according to seasons but she finished with one short last chapter, repeating spring. She divides each chapter into six to eight subchapters, each about a page-and-half long and each deals with something special, interesting or meaningful to the author—all related to nature or her country garden. Topics such as Pond, Daylilies and Hostas in the summer, Compost, Feral Cat, Woodpile in the fall, Thaw and Geese in the winter. The short last chapter, Spring Again has only one subchapter: Wildflowers.

“To commune, to discover and to be discovered, is deeply human.”

The writing of each subchapter text is deeply philosophical with profound messages and thoughts by the author, often conveying a parallel to human activities, human thinking. Each is food for thought for us, some more meaningful for one reader than to another. Each subchapter is followed by a short poem the topic of which is related to the text of the subchapter, none of which is titled except the first and the last. This is a book that readers of nature based poetry will enjoy.

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