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Postcards from Cookie is a warm and poignant memoir of a woman searching for her birth mother and the loving relationship that develops between them. Together they are able and willing to connect and create memories to make up for the lost thirty years. They develop a long distance relationship through the mailing of numerous postcards, back and forth, East Coast to West Coast that eventually fill up a filing cabinet with wonderful memories.

Caroline was born to Cookie, her birth mother, during the time when it was shameful to have childbirth out of wedlock. Cookie was shipped across the country to have her baby quietly and secretively. The adoption process involved sealed documents. However, when Caroline received the documents, she realized that she had already met some of her biological family and had known about them for many years. Her investigative skills as a journalist helped her to figure out that an old college friend turned out to be a relative also.

Caroline experienced many different emotions as she maneuvered her birth mother into her already very full life. She shared her time with her job, her husband and two children, and her very loving adoptive parents also. She was able to bond all the people closest to her together in a blended harmony.

Caroline’s adoption story is unique. She had two caring parents and had enjoyed a wonderful childhood and upbringing. She learned that Cookie came from a very talented, musical family – Cookie was related to the famous singer, Nat King Cole!

They didn’t know that they would have only a few, short years together as a family. However, they were able to fill their time making great new memories for each other. They shared their likes and dislikes and were delighted when they had many that were the same. They connected to each other, and Caroline will always have the hundreds of postcards from Cookie.

The author did a wonderful job retelling many stories from her private life. Her story flows like her life, with the reader feeling her many emotions. It is a tender story of heartbreak and unending love.

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