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With so many vegan cookbooks published, it’s hard to choose a good one. Mielle Chénier-Cowan Rose’s Veganish would be good choice. This one is different, though not without its faults. It’s a no-nonsense, very good cookbook without the usual high-end professional photography and filling fluff. This is a plain vegan cookbook with excellent recipes that are easy to follow, with no illustrations except for simple, unrelated sketches. Rose has chosen the recipes from an international repertoire, ranging from simple to somewhat complex. In the first forty-seven pages, she deals with the basics: plant-based nutrition, animal-based foods, salts and oils, techniques, menu planning, and so on. She divides the recipes according to types: sauces, dips, soups, etc. Their layouts are very good; there’s no page turning while following a recipe. The best part is her suggestions for the omnivores. Since her daughter’s struggle with tooth decay (linked to nutritional deficiency common among vegan children), she’s compromised her vegan recipes by adding non-vegan proteins. She often refers to recipes elsewhere and techniques described, but she forgets about the cook’s convenience: she doesn’t give page numbers for reference. The index is basically a list of recipes, but it’s not user-friendly if you’re looking for previously used recipes.

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