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Sometimes it’s hard for kid to admit that they have fears, and even harder to conquer said fears. Parents find ways to reassure their children that nothing is under their bed or in their closets at night. They will check their closets and under their bed or let them sleep with them, but then there is that point where parents need to give their children tools to conquer their fears on their own and this is a great starting place – especially for kids who are too old to keep sleeping with Mom and Dad.

In this delightful chapter book targeted for children 8-13 years old, we meet Fannie who has multiple fears and has a hard time in conquering them. After a horrible, scary day, Fannie accidentally calls up the vast and unknown powers of the universe and meets Fritz who finally will help her conquer her fears. The good thing is that Fritz is a zombie, which actually helps her and doesn’t create more problems. I know you would think a zombie would be the last person to help Fannie, but it’s the person that she needs the most. Not only does Fannie meet, Fritz, she also meets his pet, a monster named Stink Warts!

Antonino’s goal in writing this was to give kids the power to conquer their own fears that they never realized that they had – to look deep inside themselves and find that you can take care of themselves just fine. I think that any child who reads this will realize that they have the power and tools to conquer anything that may come their way, whether its a monster under the bed, a bully at school, or going to the dentist. Sometimes parents need help in helping their kids and this reviewer think this book is a great starting point.

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