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I Was A Champion Then is a collection of short stories by Alfred A. Meyer collected from Christopher’s father’s mass of writings he found after Alfred had passed away. They are fiction stories that center on baseball, love, and family. The collection also offers some insight from the son to the father, as he writes introductions to many of the short stories to provide some insight into their inspiration.

This collection of short stories is clearly a testament to the love a son has for his father, and an appreciation of his writing, which Christopher chose to publish. It’s a quick read, as none of the stories are very long and some of them span only a paragraph or two. They include stories about Christopher, various baseball legends, and some are about love, too. The short stories are gathered out of a clear love for his father, and they’re enjoyable to read, especially if one is a fan of baseball and all that baseball entails.

I Was A Champion Then is a good read for anyone who enjoys short stories that are family-centric and good-hearted in nature. It’s refreshing to see a parallel drawn between family and baseball. The strongest story in the book is “Beckett at the Ballpark” which is a story about Alfred’s young son playing softball and how amusing it is when the children involved in the league don’t seem that interested in retrieving an outfield ball. It’s a humorous love letter to baseball and family, and it’s clear that the author, whether father or son, has a definite love of the topics he’s writing on; from laying asphalt to legendary baseball player Enos Slaughter. It’s definitely recommended for those who love a good family story and those readers who have a preference for collections of short stories.

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