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For young readers of the beloved Magic Tree House series – in which siblings Jack and Annie discover a magic tree house in the woods near their home and are sent on adventures through space and time to meet historical figures, encounter wildlife all over the world, and learn some life lessons – companion books seem a necessary addition to the book series. Series author Mary Pope Osborne has coauthored at least 32 nonfiction companion books for the now 53 book series. She has now also published, with Natalie Pope Boyce, a guide to survival based on the dangerous adventures Jack and Annie have experienced throughout the pages of the series.

In Magic Tree House Survival Guide, Osborne divides Jack and Annie’s advice into five chapters: Wilderness Skills; Lions, Tigers and Bears-Oh Man!; Extreme Weather; Disasters; and Incredible Survival. Readers will love reliving the stories they’ve cherished while being refreshed on how to get out of sticky situations. For example, in “How to Survive a T-Rex Encounter,” taken from the very first book in the series, readers will learn that you can perhaps gain weight by eating lots of food in order to be too large for a T-Rex to gobble up whole. Otherwise, run – and call the President if the dinosaur is outside your house. Filled with memories from reading in the past to humor from Jack and Annie, this survival guide is sure to delight fans of the series.

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