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Mina’s White Canvas is a charming children’s book in which the main character, Mina, turns her dreary day around and finds some delightful surprises in doing so. The book starts with a grey, rainy day for Mina. Stuck inside the house, she decides to change the dreary day and her dreary mood by drawing with her crayon. She starts with a single snowflake and soon she has created a snowy winter day for herself. During her adventures, she meets friends, reunites families and turns a dreary day into a memory she will cherish forever.

Author and illustrator Hyeon-Ju Lee has created a splendid children’s book with Mina’s White Canvas. She deftly shows how a little imagination, an open mind, and a crayon can turn even the most boring day into a delightful adventure. It’s a book that is fun for the reader to turn each page and follow Mina’s adventures in the snow with her new friends. The illustrations are lovely, well drawn, and eye-catching. The story is simple but compelling – the imagination can lead to great and wonderful things. Parents may also appreciate that Mina’s creativity comes out with a simple crayon – she doesn’t need gadgets or software to make her dreams come true. Mina’s White Canvas is a lovely book that parents and younger children can read together.

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