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“Does this little bunny have what it takes to become a super awesome ninja?” this book asks, about its titular character. It turns out the answer is: yes…kind of. The aspiring Ninja Bunny reads an instructional book about how to be a ninja, and as he reads the various rules—“know how to escape,” “master the ability to fly”—the bunny amusingly demonstrates his still somewhat nascent ninja skills. In spite of his conviction that ninjas should work alone, he eventually realizes that friends can go a long way toward helping you defeat the scariest enemies.

After reading this book, your kid will want to be a ninja bunny too. The Ninja Bunny has a cute and humorous character design, and he flips and fumbles across the pages. He’s a great example of how to enact imaginative play with whatever tools you have at your disposal: he is seen using a spatula and a broom as ninja weapons, he makes nunchaku out of carrots, and he could be doing all of this in his own backyard or school playground.

The art in the book is simple but beautiful, full of personality and little details that flesh out the story, and the hand-sketched look of the typography is also an endearing detail.

Ninja Bunny is a character that not only learns the value of teamwork and friendship, but he also is able to play on his own and entertain himself with only his imagination—both valuable skills for children to have!

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