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What Pet Should I Get? is an adorable, previously unreleased children’s book by Dr. Seuss. The story is simple, and follows a brother and sister as they try to settle on a pet. However, the store is full of choices, from dogs and cats, to the more exotic rabbits or fish – how on earth are the children supposed to decide? They’d better choose quick as Mom and Dad expect them back home by noon!

This is a perfect example of classic Dr. Seuss titles, and is full of whimsy and charm. Children will love the rhymes and imaginative illustrations, and many will relate to the struggle of settling on just one pet. For adults, the book may feel a bit weak when compared to other titles in the Seuss’s catalog (it is assumed that this was the story that eventually evolved into One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish), it is nevertheless a solid children’s book that kids will love.

The real gem is the section in the back following the story that discuses a bit about Dr. Seuss’s own love of animals (dogs in particular), as well as a segment that goes into some detail about the making of the book. Learning how the manuscript was discovered, and the editorial decisions the publishing team made while composing the book is fascinating, and also allows a peek into the mechanics of a press for people who are curious.

While it may not be quite up to the standards of other Dr. Seuss classics, What Pet Should I Get could be a charming, and possibly unexpected addition to your shelf.

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