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Formats: Hardcover
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Beautiful Birds is a bright and colorful hardcover children’s book. A classic alphabet learning tool, the book introduces young children to different species of birds from around the world. Some letters are only one page each, while others span two, and several letters introduce more than one bird. For example, the letter ‘K’ introduces readers to the Kakapo, and the Kiwi. The letters and their matching bird are introduced through a short rhyme on each page.

The book is very tall, and may not fit too well on the standard sized bookshelf. The letters of the alphabet are small, and almost blend into the rest of the words on the page, so this is clearly meant for kids that have already had basic exposure to their letters. While the book is a cute and visually stimulating way to help reinforce the alphabet, the true focus in on the birds themselves and the artwork on each page. The illustrations are quite lovely, and are bound to introduce your little one to quite a few bird species they may never have heard of previously. This would be a great book for younger children, particularly those who have shown an interest in birds.

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