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An honorable man dies, and his death raises questions for the family left behind – an interesting start to a novel. Such is the case with John Stanton, who can’t let go of his long-gone father. His father, Edwin Stanton, worked for President Lincoln, and had many connections which all lead to one man. John is determined to find him.

In Search of Tom Candy, written by author Dairl M. Johnson, is the tale of an unsettled man who arrives in America in the early 1900s, hoping to find gold out West and strike it rich. When his path is altered to herd cattle instead, he becomes intertwined in the history of men who shaped the world, and learns that his father is mixed up in it. A reporter by trade, John fights for the story and charms his way to discovering what really happened. In Search of Tom Candy has incredibly powerful imagery to describe conversation, the smells of New York City streets before modern-day automobile traffic, and life during a time when hospitality went a lot further than ‘Hello.’

This story is a gripping mystery that easily comes alive. Detailed in heavy conversation, the mannerisms noted give the reader a sense of being right in the room when subjects are discussed and feelings of tension fill up the space, making each page intriguing. Johnson’s storytelling of simpler times lets readers experience complexities of life following the civil war and the history of the proud, the corrupt, and the simple landowners who were anything but simpleminded. In Search of Tom Candy creates a passionate story of mystery and history through the search for information – a great read for readers of historical fiction.

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