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Boots are for more than the rodeo! In Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots by Paul Scholz, little Rudy is obsessed with his boots. He has a pair in every color and wears them for various activities and every day of the week. This very simple picture book illustrates how versatile boots can be. The boy wears them for various physical activities, and even is rumored to sleep in a separate pair!

While the context of the book is great, the ending doesn’t feel like an ending. The reader is left instead with a puzzling thought at the end, wondering if the author forgot something. The book is cute, the story sweet with the little freckle faced all American boy, but the conclusion lacks any real semblance of closure. The illustrations are well done and completed by the Author, however there is no diversity in the scenes to reflect what America truly looks like. The book promises to create an adventure in Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots as stated on the back of the book. However, there isn’t anything in the book that would qualify as such. He is a boy, who wears cowboy boots instead of regular shoes for every occasion. End of story.

While the book is aimed at young readers and intended to be a quick read which can be read repeatedly, the substance and rhyming is basic, which can benefit toddlers. The connection between the pictures on a given page and the story line sometimes fail to match. For example, purple boots glow in the dark, yet the illustration shows the boy outside on a sunny day sliding down a slide. The biggest perk to Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots is showing an independent young boy and searching for the color of boots to match the rhyming text.

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