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“Flight, like any great love, is both a liberation and a return.”

Few of us are not curious about the life of the long-haul pilots, a profession we know so little about. In Skyfaring we have the chance to glance at that life by author Mark Vanhoenacker, a 747 pilot and, luckily for us, an excellent writer. Readers will be fascinated to learn how Vanhoenacker’s profession shaped his life and how long-haul pilots in general live their unusual career. This is a rather large volume, and it’s a wonderful reading material for weeks, even months of entertainment. The writing is so good that it’s not easy to quit a chapter. The book is also an autobiography from early ages on until beginning his career as a commercial pilot at age twenty-nine. His life and his successes are also interesting reading. Readers learn a lot about flying, about aircrafts and the myriad of aspects of mechanics, physical and mental stress of flying (for example, automatic landing of 747 in a fog). Vanhoenacker is a deep thinker and a philosopher, and he divided his book into nine logical chapters according to the different aspects of flying and of pilots’ lives, such as bonding with other pilots, visiting friends and families on short flights. A great book for those interested in travel, or learning about a less publicized career path.

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