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The GPAMaxx Guide to Acing the Public University by Jeff Gimpel is, at least in this reviewer’s opinion, one of the most valuable tools to come along for university students since Starbucks. This book outlines a strategic approach to planning a college career, laying strong foundations so students can graduate on time, or even early, with the highest GPA they are capable of. The GPAMaxx Guide goes beyond study strategies or where to find the best extra-long sheets for that dorm bed and instead helps students pick the courses they need and stay away from ones they don’t. It also explains GPA, professors, transfer credits, course selection, and most importantly, builds an understanding of how to approach college strategically and why that’s vital.

“College is an entirely different ballgame [from high school]. To thrive, you must not only take your game to another level. You must change how you play it.”

Keywords in this book are “efficient” and “cost-effective.” Basically, this book offers strategies to help finish college as quickly as possible while being able to take advantage of the best experiences it has to offer. Students will be able to develop a personalized strategy for completing their degree requirements, making the most of their time and money, while also finding the classes that suit them best.

If this sounds a little like a late night infomercial, and maybe a little too good to be true, it seems like one of those systems where people will get out of it what they put into it. If students show up, do the work, and use the system, then they should see results.

This book is aimed at those getting ready to tackle college for the first time, but could be useful to anyone in the college mindset who hasn’t had success and sincerely wants to establish change. It’s never too late, as they say. (Though as a fifth-year senior this book might be a bit beyond the scope.) The GPAMaxx Guide is written for parents as well as students, so parents can be involved with their student and help them tackle and understand the planning process. So whether you’re looking for a strong start or looking to make changes, this book can help build success into your college plan.

The biggest criticism this reviewer had for this book was wishing it had been available in 2003!

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