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In true Moyes’ fashion, After You follows her predictable formula and as usual, it is executed masterfully. This novel is the sequel to Me Before You and picks up where Louisa Clark’s emotional roller coaster left off. Louisa is still trying to put her life back together. She desperately misses Will and struggles to figure out what she should do with her life. Louisa has an accident and while she is trying to heal on the outside, she joins a support group. She is faced with a surprising secret, as well as possibilities for change and growth, but fear keeps her timid. Louisa is forced to make decisions and to be vulnerable.

Moyes gives the reader compelling characters that they will love, hate, and feel sorry for as the characters face their demons. The story has plenty of twists and turns and a host of real emotions inspired by the characters that will engage the reader. Readers will connect to the book and its characters even if they have not read Me Before You. Moyes shares details in the book in an expert fashion so that the reader truly understands each and every trial Louisa is faced with during her daunting journey of adulthood.

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