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Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot is the first Captain Underpants book this reviewer has read. She now understands why kids’ heads are immersed in this humorous comic book. The story is juvenile and absurd, but funny, and kids will love it (as will some grown-ups!). The story follows series mainstays George, Harold, Mr. Krupp, and gym teacher Mr. Meaner. Harold and George create duplicates of themselves; meanwhile Mr. Meaner is supercharged with smart cells following an explosion. George and Harold’s duplicates behave well, which makes everyone wonder what is going on. At the same time, Mr. Meaner creates a spray that “cures childhood.” The real Harold and George must figure out what to do.

There are lots of innuendos and humor throughout the story, but it also addresses ADHD, good versus bad, and the power of family. The graphics are varied and cool. The story is fun with a message, and there is no doubt your reader will be mesmerized, entertained, and engaged.

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