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It is time for bed for Scamper and Sorry, and outside the wind is blowing hard. They check under the bed, but there is nothing there, so they climb in. Then they hear a noise. It is a tap, and they believe it might be a dog. Then a hiss appears which could be a snake. They then hear an eagle, wolf, elephant, and dinosaur. All these animals can eat cats, but they then realize that the dinosaur is a plant-eater – not a cat-eater – so sleep might actually be possible after all.

A level-two reader, Fraidy Cats will challenge your developing reader with paragraphs and some tough words, but accompanying pictures will help the story progress. The whimsical watercolors are beautiful and help set the mood of how scared Scamper and Sorry really feel. Humor will make the book feel less scary because even though the cats think they hear animals, they really are hearing planes, trucks, and tree branches.

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