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In I Want to Eat Your Books a zombie child follows a kid to school one day. Instead of going after the children, the zombie starts eating all of their books! He scarfs down the science textbooks, munches on vocabulary books, but is chased away from chowing down on Frankenstein. The clueless teacher takes the children down to the library, a veritable feast for the hungry zombie! Thanks to some quick thinking, the kids show the zombie that it’s more fun to read the books than eat them. Their newfound peace is short-lived when a mummy arrives seeking new bandaging materials. Will the kids be able to save their precious books after all?

The illustrations are cute, and not at all frightening, even for the youngest of readers. There are a few pages where the text is slightly difficult to see, which can slow down the reading pace. The story is told through in rhyming couplets for the majority of the book that children will find to be amusing and easy to follow. I Want to Eat Your Books is a charming Halloween themed children’s book that touches on the joy of reading with a bit of monster shenanigans. This is a great book for young readers, and one that parents will enjoy reading to their kids.

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