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Millie Longfellow is a pleasant, rambunctious single young lady trying to make her living as a nanny. Through no fault of her own, she has had a very disappointing string of jobs as a nanny which ended disastrously. Fortunately for Millie, she has a friend who allows her a place to live between jobs, so she isn’t homeless. Millie finds another nanny position taking care of three children who have recently lost both parents in an accident. These children have been placed into the guardianship of their father’s best friend, Everett Mulberry, a high-society young man. He has gone through a series of nannies who have found the children to be too much trouble and full of mischief. Mr. Mulberry is at wit’s end by the time Millie takes charge of the mischievous children. The children try their pranks on Millie who doesn’t get mad at them but instead plays pranks on them. Through these short episodes of misbehavior, the children and Millie find themselves bonding together and enjoying each other’s company. Everett’s girlfriend has informed him that the children will be sent to boarding school. Everett has no plans to send the children away, and becomes enchanted with the way Millie and the children interact. Everett finds himself at odds with his feelings about his girlfriend and the children. Millie finds herself being pulled into a difficult decision.

Jen Turano writes her stories with a quick wit. She keeps the cast of characters interesting and fun. This is a follow up story to her other book, After a Fashion. She continues to delight her readers with an inspirational charm surrounding these delightful female characters.

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