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Formats: Paperback
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Menswear Illustrations is an art book featuring illustrations of menswear fashions, or illustrations of men in various styles of dress (and undress) of a range of practicality. The book compiles works from forty different artists with varying art styles. Where all of the art and clothing styles depicting can be greatly different from each other, the common focus of the artwork is on clothing and individual style (both that of the clothes, and the artist).

Accompanying each of the artists featured in the book is a short biography on each of them, discussing their background and experience in the design and fashion world, followed by several pages giving examples of their work. The illustrations range from abstract and barely there shadow images to detailed ink sketches with the models covered in intricate and colorful tattoos, from classic evening wear to street inspired fashion. No matter a person’s taste in clothing or art styles, they are bound to find a few artists they will greatly enjoy, and thanks to the biographies the author chose to include, interested parties can easily look up more work by their favorite artists down the road.

The book is only available in paperback format, and due to the book’s thick size, repeat viewings may destroy the spine faster than were the book in a hardcover format. However, this is a great collection for the fashion savvy, or the artistically inclined reader.

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