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Ari Abraham’s Tall Tales of Gods, Demons and Superstitions is a small book, but it shows an author who understands his craft. This volume of stories is only about 100 pages and no one story is longer than 2-3 pages, but even these very short stories build suspense and can turn at the last minute into a shocking ending. Abraham’s international background permeates the stories, making them occasionally feel like literary fiction, so the reader feels virtuous, even reading genre fiction. He also leverages this background to animate people and environments that American audiences may be less familiar with, giving introducing us to new creepy stories, not just the same vampires and zombies that saturate the pop culture market. That being said, these stories are not for everyone. They are graphic, with frank descriptions of sex and violence. However, if you are a horror reader looking for something new and exciting and not the same old mainstream horror, this small book of well-crafted jewels will keep you satisfied for a long afternoon. You’ll want to go right back and start reading from the beginning all over again.

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