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Art Arktis is a large hardcover collection of artic photography. Photographers Dietmar Baum and Tini Papamichalis compiled these images during their three-week Artic expedition. They managed to capture the purity and near alien quality of the region.

The book contains rich colors, and stunning blue and white images. There are images of artic wildlife – penguins, seals, whales, and birds – and the occasional fishing boat cutting through the freezing cold landscape. However, the star focus of the images revolves around the majestic colors and formations of glaciers, icebergs, and the snow covered mountains. The book also contains some text regarding the geology of the artic region, and appears in both English and German text. However, the book is clearly more about the imagery captured in the photographs than the textual information provided.

A large, hardcover book with a stitched (not glued) binding, Art Arktis is both a sturdy, and lovely book to add to your shelves – a great gift for people interested in booking their own Arctic adventure. Readers looking for full-page images of Arctic photography will be more than satisfied with this collection.

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