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Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are up for another adventure. This time, they learn all about Hanukkah as they celebrate the Jewish holiday with their friend Melissa. Melissa has invited them over to celebrate with her family. They all take part in the traditional activities: they light the Menorah, they eat traditional foods like latkes, they play traditional games like dreidel, sing songs, dance, and exchange presents. Even Clifford gets a present: a large bone! After dinner everyone gathers in the town square to watch the lighting of the giant menorah and Clifford is given a chance to save the day when the lights go out and the menorah lighting is in jeopardy.

If you have read any of the Clifford books, you know exactly what to expect. The illustrations are simple and fun, and the words are nice and easy for early readers. Overall, this is a great way to introduce any child to Hanukkah and give them a glimpse into some of the holiday’s traditions. It is a wonderful thing when you see a mainstream book out there working to help kids learn about different cultures and traditions.

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