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Elephant in the Dark is a story based on a poem by Rumi. It is about a merchant who returns home from far-off travels with an elephant, but as he hides the elephant away in his barn before the village people can see it, the village is rife with gossip. Each member of the village takes a turn sneaking into the dark barn to discover what the merchant has brought back with him. Each of them encounters a different part of the animal, each therefore reaching a different conclusion as to what is in the barn, leading everyone to be surprised the next day when the merchant and the elephant take a walk.

The illustrations and the story go beautifully together. The illustrations are beautiful, complex pictures with many geometric patterns, wonderful colors, and creative depictions of the landscape, water, and trees. All of the village’s people are a lot of fun to look at; with their colorful clothing and creative expressions, no two are the same. The elephant is beautiful as well, with kind eyes and wrinkled skin. This is a lovely book with wonderful words and wonderful illustrations. Hopefully children will enjoy this book as much as will adults.

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