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Lane is comfortable going into the chic, upscale homes as an assistant interior designer to a notable NY designer. She is excited, as she takes on the designing lead for a wealthy lady in a more pretentious townhome setting. Little does she know how meeting this woman is going to change her life very quickly. Eleanor Parker is a woman of means whose husband has allegedly scammed his clients and successfully vanished. Eleanor, however, believes her husband is alive and totally innocent of his crime. She believes he will return to her someday. Lane, who is busy in her work, finds herself drawn to Eric, Eleanor’s son. She finds him warm and caring towards her young daughter. He seems genuine in his beliefs, revealing details to her about his father and his belief that his father is innocent of the crime he is accused of committing. Lane finds herself with mixed emotions when the FBI enters the scene and asks for her assistance. They want her to wear a microphone. How did Lane find herself in such a predicament?

The author, Mary Higgins Clark, does a wonderful job weaving the innocent with the guilty, love with desperation and hate. Her cast of characters are engaging and are easy for readers to relate with. She managed to keep the reader guessing with each new character she introduced. A prolific writer, Mary Higgins Clark was able to write an intriguing story of money evasion with ease.

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