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This is the traditional story that we all know and love, reimagined through David Ercolini’s illustrations. The famed story takes on new quirkiness with Ercolini’s more modern pictures. His style could be found in a cartoon strip, somewhere between the style of The Far Side Gallery and that of Wallace and Gromit. There is not a single bit of white space on any of the pages, as they are all filled with different things to look at. The more you look, the more you see. The house that Santa visits is owned by a family with an obsession with Christmas and everything related: Santa, reindeer, decorations, etc. Every inch of their home is decorated — inside, outside, walls, staircase. There is even a buffet set out for Santa complete with cookies, several cakes, and a punch bowl filled with what looks like eggnog. Each reindeer has a different outfit: one is dressed like a cowboy and another like Evel Knievel. This is for anyone who wants a different take on the old classic. It ought to keep kids entertained for a while, as they ogle all the different things there are to ogle. It is certainly easy to envision an I Spy or Where’s Waldo? version of Ercolini’s work.

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