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Any harried working parent will quickly connect to the topic in A Window Opens. Alice works part-time in New York City but also has ample time to volunteer, and to spend time with her friends, her three kids, and her sick dad in her New Jersey suburb. When her lawyer husband is forced to go out on his own, rather than vie for a partnership at his current firm, Alice must look for full-time work. She quickly lands her “dream job,” but then things in her personal life suffer. Her all-consuming job leaves little time to be aware of the changes happening around her. The pressure to perform at the job is immense and ultimately she must make a decision about where she wants to spend her time.

The struggles of career, money, and time are at the center of this novel. Egan writes with honesty and bravery in A Window Opens. She accurately depicts the battle that working parents go through each and every day. Egan’s writing style is engaging, descriptive, and at times even humorous. The internal conflicts for working parents are real and Egan challenges them head on with her honest and emotional writing.

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