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Against a Brightening Sky, the third book in Jamie Lee Moyer’s Delia Martin series, is just as delightful as earlier books in this same series. The novel is set in a historical universe with a similar history to our own, except that here the existence of ghosts and spirits is all too real, if known only to a few. In the aftermath of the First World War, Delia and her policeman husband, Gabe, hope for some peace and quiet. However, when a riot that turns deadly erupts at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, it is only the beginning of the killing in San Francisco.

Moyer’s magic is blended well with a realistic historical setting, and the magic (and its cost) is well imagined, and doesn’t feel overblown or overly fantastic. The shifting perspectives may annoy some readers, but they allow the reader to move through the story and keep track of all the various threads of Moyer’s mystery. Readers of the earlier books in the series will want to continue with this volume, but this book is equally accessible to new readers who have not read the previous volumes as well.

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