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The world famous singer Mariah Carey lends her well-known lyrics to a darling Christmas book illustrated by Colleen Madden. All I Want for Christmas is You starts with a street-side shopping scene, where a small girl peers through the window of the Puppy Love Adoption storefront. While the Christmas merriment continues with scenes of decorating, ice skating, cookie baking, snowman building and Christmas caroling, the girl’s thoughts on the one thing she needs is artfully displayed. Throughout the two-page spreads, we see the little girl drawing her prize puppy, baking puppy-shaped cookies, and building a snow puppy. When the presents are opened, just when one thinks the little girl won’t be getting that special gift, in walks mom with a box from the Puppy Love Adoption shop and Santa is seen through the window flying away in his sleigh. One can almost hear Mariah Carey belting out “All I Want for Christmas is You!

Young readers will enjoy the colorful pages, the familiar Christmas activities depicted, and the repetitive nature of the text. The illustrations through the book emphasize a diversity of people; folks of all ages, races and sexual orientations share in the holiday spirit. This lovely picture book joins the famous song in making a new Christmas classic.

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