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Thriller-aficionados will unite in praise for An Absence of Justice. It has it all; suspense, intrigue, surprises, and depth of plot. The characters are well thought out, defined, and easily relatable. The plot is uniquely tight and captures the readers’ desired sweet spot of tension in twists and turns.

As the journey into this story begins, each chapter are short stories of high-powered, successful businessmen slash killers into a poetic justice of death by a mysterious vigilante who, as the title suggests, is wielding justice where an absence of justice occurred. Each of their business dealings inevitably caused multiple deaths by their own negligence and greed. Symbolically, their lives brutally end in the same manner as their victims’ lives did under the guise of a suicide resulting from a seeming clarity of conscience.

Then, the story evolves into our two protagonist’s lives. Malcolm and Camille, in an unanticipated merge, collide in a whirlwind connection where they both need each other to survive. No spoilers here, but you will hang on every word and not want to put this book down.

Seasoned author, Roderick Cyr did his research for the technological aspect of this tale, weaving intricacies in information gathering that the CIA only dreams of, adding plausibility to the protagonist’s ability to gather data on his marks. Cyr provides intricate backstories and imaginative tales of revenge, motivation, character building and deliberations of moral qualities.

In the end, An Absence of Justice is a compelling, satisfying thrill ride you won’t soon forget. While the ending is complete, this reader would greatly welcome a sequel or more of these two endearing protagonists.

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