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Readers will be much divided on this subject: either it is for them, or they think the concept is pure hocus-pocus. Decorating with the Five Elements of Feng Shui, by Tisha Morris, concerns an unusual subject, and this review may help you decide if it’s for you at all. This trade paperback is in need of editing and proofing — even common typos slipped in. A good editor could improve this volume significantly.

“The concept of five elements is integral to the practice of feng shui…”

First, the book lacks illustrations, particularly important in the chapter “Room-by-Room Guide.” This is a visual demonstration where full-color illustrations are absolutely essential. Feng shui is a four-thousand-year-old Chinese practice based on five elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal – and based on the Taoist premise that we are One, including yin and yang energy. Morris discusses many aspects of feng shui in great detail – for those who espouse the concept, this book is a good reference. Then, Morris goes into the Bagua map (a tool based on the I Ching, and found in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how to apply it with respect to the five elements. Morris also lists thirty-two common stones and seventeen plants with descriptions and how to use them, as well as crystals and gemstones with instructions for “programming” them.

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