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Eamonn O’Brien’s How to Make Powerful Speeches is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve his public speaking skills. Commonsense tips, tricks, and advice are offered in this easy-to-read book. Chapters cover speech planning, delivery, and even creating the right impression through one’s clothing. Part One focuses on why speech skills are needed, while Part Two explains the fundamental pieces of an impactful speech. Part Three teaches a step-by-step process and Part Four revolves around delivery. Finally, Part Five brings everything together, even offering “day of” tips for the big day of finally delivering the speech. The book is supplemented with a website with the same name as the book. Bonus materials include templates, tips, podcasts, and the ability to sign up for a newsletter.

Information is organized on graphically interesting pages. Key information is bulleted, bolded, and listed in an easy-to-follow format. O’Brien, founder of The Reluctant Speakers Club, obviously is well-versed in and loves his topic. He makes “butterflies in the stomach” feel like a thing of the past with his assurance that giving speeches is fun with the right methodology and practice. The book is best for someone with no public speaking skills, but this reviewer believes even the most seasoned speaker will find a prized nugget in this informative and engaging book.

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