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What if we can learn from labor and childbirth, instead of fearing it? This is the powerful question Julia S. Aziz poses in her book, Lessons of Labor: One Woman’s Self-Discovery Through Birth and Motherhood. In telling her own deeply personal birth stories, including a heartbreaking miscarriage, Aziz explores how labor taught her how to parent, and how through that physical challenge she learned to trust herself.

Powerful lessons are contained in this small book of mommy wisdom. Aziz’s tone is kind and nurturing, her simple words inspiring to the new mother as well as the more established mom. What sets this book apart from other parenting titles is that it’s not about giving advice or focused on imparting how-to knowledge. Instead, its focus is helping readers learn to connect with their own inner know-how and trust themselves. It sounds a little hokey, but Aziz writes with such a warm, caring tone – her genuine voice soothing to mothers at all stages, using the delicate beauty of her prose to connect with the deepest kind of female strength – that it’s anything but. These are not prescriptions, but reminders; a lamp left on next door to remind moms that they’re not alone.

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