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This is a simple, beautiful story of a little tree who refuses to give up his leaves. As the seasons change year after year, the little tree holds onto its first set of leaves even though they are no longer green with life. The little tree watches as the other trees’ leaves change colors and drop to the ground, while he stubbornly holds on, afraid to change. After years of this, years of watching the other trees grow tall and strong while he stays little with his brittle, brown leaves, the little tree finally decides to follow the seasons, shed his leaves, and grow. In the end, the little tree finds, when spring and summer come, that he grows tall and strong like the other trees around him.

This is a simple story with spare, elegant illustrations. There is a lot of white space, allowing for the illustrations, which have beautiful, rich colors, to stand out on the pages. Each season is beautifully depicted and all of the animals that come to visit the little tree are well drawn and adorable. The story itself is heartwarming and offers an important lesson for children to learn, making it a wonderful read to share with your kids.

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